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Corporate Event in Morgan, Utah

Private Parties They Won't Forget

How does your music choice influence your private party?

When hosting a private event, the inclusion of music can make the experience more memorable for you and your guests. While private parties may take place in a venue, club, banquet hall, or something as simple as a house party, one of the most important traits of a private function is the music. Music speaks to your guests, it captures the mood while setting a relaxed, yet upbeat atmosphere. That being said, finding the right style of music can make or break a private event.

Why choose live music for your private party?

In the effort to capture your guest's attention, having recorded music play through a sound system doesn’t have the same feel as a live performance. Choosing a live performer can provide your guests with a more personable experience and your guests can interact with the performer, singing along with the songs, dancing or simply requesting songs. A seasoned live performer, like Eric, can also gauge the energy of the party and play music accordingly. Those who invest in a private event put in a lot of time and effort into making their party memorable and enjoyable for their guests. By investing in a live performer, you can be guaranteed to acheive that goal.

Why choose Eric Anthony for your next private event?

Most live singers perform only one genre of music and perfect just that style. Eric Anthony is fluent in many genres of music, which sets him apart from the rest. The decision is yours, whether you want a romantic feel with some soft music, a head-banging dance party with some rock n roll, or some fun 70s music you can jive to, Eric can do it all for private parties. He can capture the atmosphere of any event with his music abilities. If you would like to see Eric's song list, please click here.


Your private event will be memorable if you choose this performer and it will leave your guests saying, “WOW!” Book your next private party with Eric Anthony.

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